I’ve been in this school ever since it opened its gates to the students in the year 2008. I’ve seen the community grow into the close-knit family that it is today. The teachers constant encouragement and my peers undying support has helped me thrive. My school has been my second home for about ten years and I’ll forever cherish the memories I’ve created here.

My 5 years at MSV Public School have been some of the best years of my life. It has boosted my confidence and has provided me with a brilliant learning environment as well. I have also found my true friends here.
Xxxxxx, VIII - C

I joined MSV Public School when in grade 5 and trust me, I realized then, that academically oriented people may be brilliant in co-curriculars as well. There is a lot of support for other activities in school.
Xxxxxx, IX - B

The MSV Public School chain of schools is preceded everywhere by its reputation. When I was in the 6th grade I’d applied for admission to MSV Public School and when the result of the entrance exam was declared, everyone was delighted to see my name on the list.
I really didn't know why.
But now, it's my fourth year studying in this school – and I can honestly say that this school is like no other.
For one, the close relations between everyone in the school - between students and between students and teachers. Every school now promises to be a ‘home away from home’, but MSV Public School has kept it.
Secondly, every year this school organizes a lot of extracurricular activities, competitions and fests. Here, it's not like everyone is concerned only with academics –we have people gifted in every field from sports to literature, from gastronomy to astronomy – anything and everything. And we have a plethora of opportunities to showcase these awesome skills.
When I joined the school, it didn't really make a difference to me. Now, I’m glad I did.
Tejasvi, IX - B

A lot of pleasant memories rush to my mind when I think about my experience at MSV Public School. I still remember the day, 10 years back, when I first walked in through those gates. I was apprehensive then but the extraordinary faculty at MSV Public School moulded me and instilled values in me which gave me the confidence to face life. Many events like ‘Sanskriti’ the annual day and ‘Vivriti’ the science exhibition gave us platforms to showcase our talents. My heart swells with pride when I talk about MSV Public School with my family and friends.
Rachna, IX A


To me, MSV Public School is the right place where teachers can use their profound experience and knowledge to shape the future of children. MSV Public School follows a structured approach with a well-defined curriculum to impart education. Equal emphasis is given to co-curricular and co-scholastic fields which helps in the overall development of the child. MSV Public School embraces the latest in technology while keeping in mind the traditional values. Children achieve a holistic growth which has helped them to be placed in some of the finest institutions across the world.
R. Lakshmi

When I reflect on my teaching experience at National Public School, HSR, I infer that the experience has only made me a better teacher. At no other school have I found teachers and students more engaged. MSV Public School clearly takes a lot of care in developing its teachers and students. Their teaching methodology is a blend of new age techniques and conventional teaching. It provides a wide variety of professional development workshops (for teachers to enhance their teaching skills) and mentors for new teachers. It is like a second home, where one feels welcomed and appreciated. Teachers are committed to the success of every child. There is a lot I can imbibe from and apply in my teaching. Everyday is a new opportunity here.
My aim is to prepare my students to be successful in their school years and to be life-long learners. I hope I stay committed to my goals and like other MSV Public School teachers impart quality education.

It’s rightly said that, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
My journey of a thousand miles, as an educator began in the year 1992, after I completed my B.Ed from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai. I taught for about 2 years in Mumbai followed with eleven memorable years in the International Indian School, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I returned to India in 2008 and after settling down in Bangalore, decided to continue doing what I enjoyed the most – teaching, and teaching it was, at no ordinary place, but, at MSV Public School!
Ms. Anjana

National Public School has carved a niche for itself in the field of education. It’s a great privilege to be a part of this esteemed institution. Teaching at MSV Public School, is an extremely rewarding experience and a professional one too. I joined MSV Public School in the year 2009 when the school was just a year old.
Ms. Radhika

Each year we have experienced new highs in the academic performances by our students. Every batch of grade 10 and 12 has been a new challenge in itself to excel. Training and mentoring our students, preparing them to believe in themselves and guiding them to reach out, reach high and reach beyond. This motto, we instill in our learners, so that they soar great heights and strengthen their wings while they take on new paths as they leave MSV Public School! I believe, that the vision of MSV Public School will continue to brighten the lives of new learners that come into her portals with a quest for knowledge and to become good citizens.
Ms Sujatha


We have visited the school numerous times and have a sense of pride and appreciation each time we do so. MSV Public School is an institution in which students learn and exhibit development in various aspects.
Mr. Xxxxxxx Rao

Since we had moved back to India, it has been a dream for us to have our son studying here and see his capabilities develop in the right way. As excellent educators, the teachers of MSV Public School strive to bring out the best in each child and the management of MSV Public School only choose the best for their students.

We are glad to have made the right choice as we see our son grow as a person and find his own space in life with confidence. We cannot thank the school and teachers enough for the wonderful experience they are providing for our child.
Prema and Girish [Parents of Agastya from Grade 2]


MSV Public School has been a very enriching experience. Support from my teachers and friends have contributed to my positive outlook on life. My journey here has been one of self-discovery.
Swathi Batch of 2017

MSV Public School has helped me a lot to build my confidence. The teachers are really understanding and have helped me achieve my goal.
Ayushi Batch of 2017

MSV Public School has shaped me into the person I’m today. Had been a wonderful 8 years here.

MSV Public School was like family to me. Had loads of great memories here. They are a big part of who I am today.

MSV Public School has shaped me into the person I am today, equipping me with skills that helped me excel in University.

MSV Public School has been my home for 9 years. I have great memories of my time here. The school has really shaped the way I am today.

I’ve been in MSV Public School for only 2 years. But those two years were the turning point in my life. The school has taught me so much and shaped me into what I am today.

MSV Public School has been my second home for 10 years and I am forever grateful to the school for being ever so motivating and encouraging, be it in music, leadership or entrepreneurship. Thank you MSV Public School.

MSV Public School has been my home for 9 years and every year has been a memorable one. I will miss this school and the teachers more than anything.