Message from our Chairman

Few things have greater importance to parents than the education of their children. Every parent looks for academic excellence, good values, and discipline for their children. Choosing the right school for them is therefore a crucial decision.

MSV Public School provides high standards for educational excellence to their students. We stimulate creativity and develop problem-solving capability in each student. As a family oriented school, we believe that partnership between the family and school is the foundation of a student's fulfillment and success in later life.

All the dynamic institutions in the world today look forward to introducing and affecting a creative approach in educational curriculum. Teachers play a major role in implementing and supporting the students to gain competence in their efforts.

Our objective at NPS is to provide a happy, balanced and challenging environment where our students have the opportunity to fulfill their individual talents and goals. In parallel, we provide a wide range of cultural, sporting and co-curricular activities and a chance to exercise leadership in a sensible and respectful environment.

Mr. A. Subramanya
Chairman, MSV Public School

Message from our Secretary

Every student comes to us with special goals, dreams and expectations of what their future might hold.

We envision a school environment to help students achieve their potential, offer guidance, hone their leadership skills and foster in students the confidence to explore a new range of interests, ultimately contributing positively to the societies they live in. It is our belief that every student in our school has the ability to succeed not just academically but as individuals in their own unique ways.

An enthusiastic and professional body of faculty ensures that excellence is promoted in all aspects of school life along with special emphasis on life skills and lifelong learning, in order to prepare students for life beyond school.

We are proud of the strength of the partnership between parents, staff and students which underpin the degree of progress our students attain.

Through a combination of dedication, understanding and appreciation, we encourage our students to aim high and achieve their goals, in keeping with our motto – Reach Out, Reach High and Reach Beyond. Best wishes!

Mrs. S.G. Manjula Subramanya
Secretary, MSV Public School

Message from our CEO

MSV Public School has always been in the forefront of schools where academic excellence and holistic development of each child has been emphasised.

At MSV Public School, we seek to provide an environment where each child is encouraged to attain his or her maximum potential, develop the skills and values which would enable him or her to successfully meet the challenges in our changing world, built on the foundation of principles of hard work, creativity, enthusiasm, discipline and good conduct.

We recognize that we need to position our children to succeed in a global environment, and every opportunity will be given to each and every student to develop their skills and talents.

Mr. S. Swaroop
CEO, MSV Public School

Message from our Principal

Education is not about how much we know, but how well we apply what we know. The purpose of education is rapidly changing from producing a literate society to producing a learning society. As educators, out prime duty is to “Make learning interesting” for every student.

In this competitive world we teach our students to collaborate to succeed, taking inspiration from the words of Dalai Lama, “When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts”. We at MSV Public School emphasise upon understanding and application of concepts, inculcating critical thinking skills in children, in a caring and compassionate atmosphere.

Our curriculum is well-balanced to include a wide range of activities that cater to developing multiple intelligences, problem solving skills and group dynamics.

The focus at MSV Public School has always been to create a nurturing and enabling environment, where educators facilitate a higher learning experience, thus ensuring that every student in our care attains his/her true potential, as they morph into global citizens.

Mr. Bhaskar Reddy
Principal, MSV Public School