Our primary curriculum stresses strongly on the conceptual learning of the subjects, as here the skills the students developed in the Early Year Program comes into action.

Each year, as they begin their journey to Primary Grades of III, IV and V, they are introduced to a new curriculum in order to provide them with advanced learning. This phase serves as an intermediate phase between the conceptual learning stages to the career building stage. Everything learned in the primary classes will build the initial ground for the students to work towards their dream. In this crucial phase, every aspect of learning i.e. academics, inculcating values, discipline etc is closely taken care of. The development during the primary stage of education empowers the comprehensive abilities, enhancing their vision for both personal and academic goals.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to give students a clear understanding of the topics that have a vital significance throughout their life. We accomplish this through our innovative teaching methods, focusing on the application of concepts and creating a hands-on experience for students, using learning kits and practical methods. Teaching Methodology

Our curriculum consists of application based learning methods, all basic concepts are cleared. Each subject, be it Maths, Science, Social Studies, or even additional subjects like Computer Sciences are catered to, with a basic concept of learning by doing.

Our teachers make use of various creative methods and activities to display what we usually learn in the form of textbooks. Even our textbooks include illustrative content for visual understanding. We have incorporated various Kits such as Science Kits, Math Kits, EVS Kits etc. to allow our students to understand the working of each topic thoroughly.

What a child learns in his/her primary years is never forgotten if taught well, and that is what we emphasize on.

Teaching Methodology

It matters a great deal as to how the most basic of concepts are being taught, especially when we take into consideration the most typical of subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. To eliminate the fear and to bring out the best of a child’s performance, teaching methodology plays a big role. Students studying in secondary classes require absolute clarity of each concept.

Our hands-on learning approach allow each child to have a clear conceptual understanding of logic behind every formula, every practical or every application learned is well engraved in the minds of these little geniuses.

MSV Public School includes faculty guiding the students with advanced knowledge of Science, Mathematics or any typical subject a child usually runs away from. This helps them stay a step ahead of their competition that they will be facing in their coming years.


MATHS & SCIENCE --- Primary classes cover basic subjects of Maths, Science and SST. Concrete to pictorial to abstract through various teaching aids. Experimental Kits for application based learning.

ENGLISH --- English for Primary is integrated with EVS, and focuses on language literature. Creative writing for stories, articles, newspapers, etc. Reading and Comprehension skills

Languages --- Multi-linguistic skills add a huge advantage to the personality of a child. It not only helps him in better communication but also provides him with wider opportunities in every field. German, French, English, Hindi, Kannada

The First Language option is English. This is mandatory for all grades.

Second Language option includes Hindi, Kannada, and French. While these options are open from grade I, French is open for the students of grade V to grade X.

For Third Language option: Kannada, Hindi, and French. These languages are covered since Grade I till Grade VIII.

French is a compulsory language as the Fourth Language. This language option is from grade II till grade IV. Environmental Science (EVS) Environmental Science is integrated with social studies subjects for the students of grade III to V. Hands-on learning experience for Science and Social Science concepts. Interactive EVS Kits.

Computer Science The primary classes are introduced to an integrated version of computer science. Children are familiarized with various softwares and their functioning. EduRobo/Kits. Increasing the curiosity in our students for electronics.

Special Programs



Public Speaking

Physical Education




Weekly Assessments - 20 mins objective tests that act as checkpoints in a student’s academic schedule, conducted in the buffer periods to maintain a child’s consistency.

Periodic Assessments - Objective and Subjective tests conducted once in each term for all scholastic subjects, that accounts to 10% in final results.

Summative Assessments - Objective and Subjective tests conducted at the end of each term for all scholastic subjects except Computers. These tests accounts for 40% in the final results.

External Assessments - Gray Matters, SOF, ASSET, HOMI BHABHA, Spell Bee, The Learning Purpose, Google Contest etc.