MSV Public School welcomes students from the age of 3 years to 16 plus, from Montessori / Kindergarten to Grade XII to an individualized programme of learning and personal development. The Academy provides a caring, creative yet disciplined environment for its pupils to grow and learn in. This is presented in a multi-cultural context with special emphasis on global and local themes, promoting at the same time political and cultural sensitivity. Some unique features of MSV Public School are Small classes, individualized guidance Curricula in keeping with international standards brought to students through the incorporation of new paradigms in education. Newest concepts in education and information technology used. Well qualified and experienced faculty, sensitive to the children in transit or transfer. Parent-teacher created learning strategies. Focus on self-esteem, learning skills, hands-on learning, social interaction and outreach. Sports, games, gym, yoga, Taekwondo, aerobics, art, music, dance and work-experience feature widely in the school programme.

MSV Public School’s 55 highly enthusiastic, experienced and qualified teachers are working closely together, right from the Montessori / Kindergarten level to the Secondary and Senior Secondary grades. MSV Public School’s faculty always encourages students to think out-of-the-box and apply their creative and deductive skills to tasks at hand, thereby realizing their potential in every field, be it academics, sports, drama or art. Keeping an academically global overview in mind, the faculty is constantly reviewing and widening its paradigms on content, text, goals and expectations in education.

  • A. Subramanya

    Mr. A. Subramanya, Chairman, is an outstanding educationist with a pioneering spirit and a far-sighted vision. Under his guidance and nurturing, the MSV Public School enjoys pride of place and international repute for their academic excellence and modern infrastructure. He advocates MSV Public School's global perspective in its curriculum and inspires faculty and students alike to be the best they can and uphold MSV Public School's motto: Aspire - Achieve - Excel.

  • S.G. Manjula Subramanya

    Mrs. S.G. Manjula Subramanya, Secretary, is an educationist dedicated to the progress of the students. She infuses enthusiasm both among the faculty and the students with her rich experience and quiet efficiency, handling all matters of academic interest with an eye for detail.

  • S. Swaroop

    Mr. S. Swaroop, Administrator, is an enthusiastic, dynamic leader, passionate about a modernistic approach to education. Believing in the dictum, ‘Change is the only Constant’, he has metamorphosed the group of MSV Public School school into a student-centered learning environment, spreading cheer always.

  • Nayana Swaroop

    Mrs. Nayana Swaroop, Administrator, has a strong background in education, public relations, corporate management, writing and publishing. She is passionate about nurturing best practices and quality standards in the school's teaching learning processes. MSV Public School's singularity ― 'a unique school for a unique person' ― finds deep resonance in her warm, personalised style of working.